Student Experience Framework 

Through the Office of the Vice-President, Students, UBC has committed to a Student Experience Strategic Framework to position the university as a global leader in the student experience, a metric that will match our reputation for academic and research excellence. The framework encompasses all aspects of student life. It will ensure that from the moment students step foot on campus to the day they leave as alumni, they will find themselves in a supportive and inclusive environment—one where they can achieve their full potential and go on to contribute to a civil and sustainable society.

The VPS is realizing the Student Experience Strategic Framework through a series of specific objectives that address the key components of what makes for an exceptional student experience on campus: inclusion, wellbeing, campus life, sustainability, enhanced learning opportunities, engagement and more. The vision of the VPS for the student experience is aligned with the university’s Place and Promise strategic commitments. Our success hinges on a coordinated and integrated approach with all our partners and stakeholders, including administrators, faculty and staff.

Most important, this framework recognizes the tremendous potential and importance of engaging students as partners and collaborators in the creation of an exceptional student experience.

Goals and Objectives

An exceptional student experience where all students can achieve their full potential and contribute to a civil and sustainable society. 

Supportive and Inclusive Environment
Exceptional campus life
Enhanced learning opportunities
Engaged and connected students

Supportive and inclusive environment

An exceptional student experience begins with every student feeling like a welcomed and valued contributor to the university community. Working with our student partners, the VPS has developed a series of programs and initiatives to help our students see themselves reflected in the UBC community and supported by it.

  • We champion diversity by promoting intercultural understanding, removing barriers and engaging aboriginal students.
  • We provide effective communication and orientation support that gives students the tools to make well-informed choices in their transitions.
  • We encourage students to achieve their potential through learning support initiatives like skills workshops, tutoring, the Learning Commons and more.
  • We promote overall student wellbeing as a key foundation to academic and life success.

Exceptional campus life

The VPS works with our student partners to create an active campus culture that goes beyond the classroom to engage students in extracurricular programming, social events and athletics. Participating in student leadership, joining clubs, volunteering and taking part in peer programs all fall under the umbrella of campus life, as do taking part in residence life programs, attending lecture series, playing intramural sports and cheering on our varsity teams.

All of these programs are built on the foundation of the campus services we deliver and our physical environment. As such, the Student Experience Strategic Framework also calls on us to support excellence and sustainability in both of these areas.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities

The VPS supports and actively encourages students to enhance their academic experience by taking part in the myriad and diverse learning opportunities available to them.

We help students identify opportunities that will complement their studies, whether on campus or elsewhere. These include community-based learning activities, study-abroad programs, experiential learning initiatives, internships and leadership programs.

These enriched opportunities improve student personal development, academic satisfaction and the employability of students. They also foster valuable and important connections between UBC and the global and local communities.

Engaged and Connected Students

The VPS is committed to creating a student experience that encourages students to connect to their world, both on campus and beyond. Activities include aboriginal engagement, co-op programs, mentoring workshops and work-study/work-learn placements.

By actively encouraging students to get involved in campus life, in their communities and through international initiatives, the VPS provides them with avenues to make a real and positive difference in the world. With the university’s assistance, they gain important real-world experiences and build valuable connections and networks that they can use to launch their careers.

Ultimately, these connections and opportunities contribute to a connected, engaged and supportive alumni.

Framework In Detail 

If you are interested in learning more about our approach and gain an in-depth understanding of the Student Experience Framework, please take a look at the comprehensive document provided here.