Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund

The Walter Gage Memorial Fund provides financial support for non-curricular student projects and activities that enhance the University’s reputation and have broad interest to students at UBC. The Fund is named after Walter Harry Gage, who served UBC for more than 50 years, five as President (from 1969 to 1975). He served as Acting President for two years ahead of his official acceptance of that office in 1969. His commitment to students and teaching distinguish his contributions to the university. He impressed students with his superior teaching, his ability to remember names throughout the years, his concern for individual students, and his legendary willingness to help students. He was particularly interested in developing student financial support programs and often gave financial assistance to students from his own pocket. Walter H. Gage was affectionately referred to as the Dean of Everything, his generosity cut across all faculties at UBC and left an indelible mark. Professor Gage began his career at UBC as a student, graduating with a B.A. in 1925. After earning a M.A. in 1926, he taught mathematics at Victoria College (1927-1933) and served as Registrar for that institution (1929-1933). He returned to UBC in 1933 and became Professor of Mathematics in 1943. Professor Gage served as Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs in 1948 and later as Dean of Inter-Faculty and Student Affairs. 

Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund Committee Mandate

The Walter Gage Memorial Fund Committee is responsible for disbursing the proceeds from the Walter Gage Memorial Fund based on the approved criteria. 

The Fund is permanently endowed through gifts from alumni, students, faculty, staff and others. Income from the endowment fund amounts will vary based on the rate of return determined by Financial Services. The Fund provides support within the University of British Columbia for student projects and activities that are campus-oriented, of broad general interest, enhance the reputation of the university or have academic components involving merit and initiative.

Current members

  • Chad Hyson, Office of the Vice-President, Students
  • Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Vice-President, Students 
  • Sheila Wang, Alma Mater Society
  • Jordan Lively, Alma Mater Society
  • Daniel Luo, Engineering Undergraduate Society

The Process

Please take a look at the detailed committee-related information and the application process: 

Funding Criteria
Funding Criteria 
  1. All applicants must be UBC students in good standing at the time of the application, and during the period of the project itself.
  2. Applications must be received by the Committee a minimum of four weeks in advance of an event or project has been completed. Applications submitted after an event or project has been completed will NOT be considered.
  3. Applications will be accepted from student groups or clubs affiliated with the AMS or a Faculty or School, or associated with some other officially-recognized UBC organization. Applications will NOT be accepted from faculty members, staff, or off-campus organizations, or from UBC students applying on behalf of off-campus organizations.
  4. Students should be aware that applications by individuals on their own behalf are rarely, if ever, funded.
  5. Projects that are eligible for funding include the following:
    1. Hosting an undergraduate conference at UBC;
    2. Attending as a UBC delegate at an undergraduate conference held elsewhere;
    3. Participating in an education-related activity (e.g., debating competitions; youth parliaments; scientific or engineering competitions; participation in sporting competitions by athletes representing UBC on teams not fully sponsored by UBC Athletics).
  6. The Gage Fund does NOT fund projects or activities that are in any way a part or extension of the academic curriculum at UBC, such as field trips or graduate student attendance at academic conferences.
  7. It is expected that students will secure additional sources of funding.
  8. The Committee may allocate up to $2,000, but the Gage Fund CANNOT be the sole or largest source of funding for any project or activity.
  9. A group may NOT apply for funding support in two consecutive years for the same project if its membership remains unchanged.
  10. Following completion of the activity or project, a brief written report must be sent to the Committee. Future funding for the group or club will be contingent upon receipt of this information.
  11. Funds that remain unspent must be returned to the Gage Fund Committee.
  12. Conference Guidelines:
    1. Each delegation may receive funding to a maximum of $2,000.
    2. The Committee anticipates that students will contribute personally to the cost of hosting or attending the conference, and will have sought other funding sources as well.
    3. The grant may not exceed 50% of the total expenses of hosting or attending the conference.
    4. The Fund does not provide support for hosting or attending non-student conferences, or for graduate student travel or registration at academic conferences.
    5. Following the conference, the Committee must be given a cost accounting, and a final report. The student body represented by the delegation must also be given a report on conference activities.
Application Process
Application Process

A UBC student must complete the application form with the following requirements:

  • The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is fully completed and all required and relevant information is included for the Committee’s consideration
  • All applications must be signed
  • The Applicant must provide the completed application and supporting documentation
  • Applications should be received a minimum of four weeks in advance of an event and before the Committee meeting application deadline. Applications received after an event has occurred will be declined

Please complete the Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund Grant Application Form and submit it with any additional supporting documentation. Please e-mail your application in One PDF format only to Applications are ONLY accepted through e-mail. 

Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund Committee
The Office of the Vice-President, Students
Old Administration Building
6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 
tel.: 604.822.3644 


Committee Details & Schedule
Details & Schedule 


The Committee shall consist of nine members, comprised of:

  • Three representatives nominated by the Office of the Vice-President, Students
  • One representative nominated by the Office of the President
  • Two representatives appointed by the UBC Alumni Association
  • Three representatives nominated by the Alma Mater Society, with normally one being the Vice-President Administration

Term of appointment

Student appointments will be for one year. All other appointments will be for three-year term, which is renewable one time.


The Committee shall elect a Chair annually from its membership. The Chair shall hold that position for a maximum of two years.


The Committee shall forward a report of its activities annually to the UBC Alumni Association and the Office of the Vice-President, Students. A copy of the annual report will be shared with the Alma Mater Society.

Administrative support

The Office of the Vice-President, Students will provide administrative support to the Committee, who shall:

  • Act as secretary to the Committee
  • Maintain the records of the proceedings of the committee
  • Coordinate the application6 process


Meeting Dates   Application Deadlines
September 26, 2017   September 12, 2017
October 31, 2017   October 17, 2017
November 28, 2017   November 14, 2017
January 30, 2018   January 16, 2018
February 27, 2018   February 13, 2018
March 27, 2018   March 13, 2018
April 24, 2018   April 10, 2018

Please note that the committee does NOT meet over the summer. 


If you wish to donate to the Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund, please contact UBC Development Office at the following address:

500 – 5950 University Blvd
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6T 1Z3
Tel 604.822.8900
Fax 604.822.8151