Vice-President, Students Strategic Initiatives Fund

About the fund

The Vice-President, Students Strategic Initiatives Fund, established in 2023 by the Office of the Vice-President, Students, supports projects and initiatives that advance the Student Strategic Plan (SSP). The Student Strategic Plan (2021 to 2026), represents our shared purpose, priorities, and commitments in fostering an exceptional and accessible student experience for all students. Members of the Vice-President, Students (VPS) and the Associate Vice-President, Students (AVPS) portfolios are encouraged to apply for these funds to advance the commitments, strategies, and actions of the SSP.

Calls for proposals

Each year, calls for proposal will be announced. The Office of the Vice-President, Students may also create topic-specific streams within a round from time to time.

Call for proposals is open and will close on Friday, Aug 23, 2024.

How it works

The fund is administered by the Strategic Initiative Fund Advisory Committee, made up of VPS and AVPS staff representatives. The Committee may allocate up to $25,000—generally, grants will range between $2,000 to $25,000. These funds are intended to provide seed funding to support initiatives or projects that advance the Student Strategic Plan.

Cross-collaboration and partnerships

Applicants are encouraged to connect with other units across the VPS/AVPS Portfolio and the university to support cross-collaboration in the development of an application:

  • Campus partners
  • Units across the VPS or AVPS portfolio
  • Student groups and clubs, such as AMS, GSS, SUO

Submission requirements

Submissions for this call must support the following strategies. Please ensure the initiative/project you are proposing is aligned with the strategic efforts of these commitment areas.

Commitment Area 1: Transformative learning reinforced through local and global engagement

  • Strategy 1: Academic delivery and program renewal
  • Strategy 2: Student advising and career preparation
  • Strategy 3: Local and global experiential learning

Commitment Area: 2 Wellbeing for people, places and the planet

  • Strategy 4: Advancement of social justice through anti-racism and sustainability
  • Strategy 5: Student health and wellbeing
  • Strategy 6: Indigenous engagement and decolonization

Commitment Area 3: Connections within and across campuses and communities

  • Strategy 7: Access to student experience
  • Strategy 8: Student life and communication
  • Strategy 9: Physical and virtual spaces development


  • Applicants must be current members of the UBC Vice-President, Students or Associate Vice-President, Students portfolio to apply.
  • The proposed initiative must support at least one of the identified commitment areas and strategic priorities of the Student Strategic Plan.
  • The proposed initiative funding request must be a one-time or term-limited funding request. In other words, investments must be used to fund specific projects rather than ongoing operational needs.
  • The implementation timeline for the proposed initiative must fall between Oct 1, 2024 and Aug 31, 2025.
  • The proposal must be approved and signed by your direct supervisor and unit’s Managing Director, or Associate Vice-President.
  • If more than one unit is involved, signatures from your unit’s Managing Director or Associate Vice-President is required, and a lead unit must be identified to receive the funds and be responsible for the reporting.
  • Applicants who are awarded funding must provide a status report and financial statement twice—halfway through the project implementation, and after the project or initiative has been completed. A detailed reporting schedule will be outlined in the funding letter.
  • Allocated funds that are unspent within the proposed timeframe must be returned.

Adjudication Criteria

  • Strategic alignment
    The proposed project or initiative must align with and advance at least one of the three commitment areas and nine strategies of the Student Strategic Plan (SSP).
  • Project impact
    A project/initiative that can achieve the desired outcomes in the funding duration, or at least provide a pilot/test of a new program/initiative.
  • Feasibility and clarity
    The proposal provides a clear project description, scope and plan.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    The proposed budget is reasonable, aligned with the work plan and includes a clear justification for all costs associated with the project/initiative. Where feasible, the project includes cash/in-kind commitments from other sources.
  • Metrics of success
    The extent to which the metrics of success and capacity for implementation are clearly defined and relevant to the project/initiative’s objectives and expected outcomes.

How to apply

Download and complete the Strategic Initiatives Fund application form. The applicant(s) is responsible for ensuring that the application is fully completed and all required and relevant information is included for the Committee’s consideration. The application should be submitted as a single PDF document only.

Please submit the final PDF document to by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Friday, Aug 23, 2024. Applications are only accepted by email.

Past SIF projects

Learn more about projects that were recently funded through the Strategic Initiatives Fund.

If you have questions

For questions specific to the fund, please contact