Vice-President, Students Portfolio Employee Awards

About the awards

The Vice-President, Students Portfolio Employee Awards established by the Office of the Vice-President, Students, were created to provide formal recognition of VPS employees and to serve to support the work being done towards the advancement of the Student Strategic Plan, and in alignment with the StEAR Framework, Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP), and the UBC Focus on People Framework.

Each year, the VPS Portfolio Employee Awards celebrate the VPS employees who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to advancing the goals of the Student Strategic Plan. Award recipients are nominated by their colleagues and each award recipient will receive $1,000.

List of awards

Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Award

The Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Award celebrates an individual who consistently promotes inclusive excellence and has made substantial contributions to advancing Truth and Reconciliation, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, and/or Anti-Racism related priorities and initiatives.

Criteria for consideration:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting Inclusivity, Equity, Truth and Reconciliation, Anti-Racism and/or Social Justice within the university 
  • Exhibits an unwavering commitment to the principles of anti-racism. Their actions and initiatives actively work to eliminate racism, bias, and discrimination in all forms 
  • Initiates and/or supports initiatives that foster a more inclusive and equitable campus environment 
  • Develops and/or supports innovative strategies, programs, or initiatives that have proven effective in addressing racial inequities and fostering a culture of belonging
  • Made a significant impact through their advocacy, education, and awareness raising efforts

Workplace Wellbeing Award

The Workplace Wellbeing Award celebrates an individual who has made a significant contribution towards a safe and healthy workplace and champions the social, physical, and/or mental health wellbeing of staff.  

Criteria for Consideration: 

  • Create opportunities for others to increase their knowledge, skills and awareness of individual, community or organizational wellbeing  
  • Embeds wellbeing in projects and initiatives within their area of influence 
  • Creates or supports the development of welcoming physical or virtual spaces to nurture an increased sense of community and collaboration  
  • Encourages community members to foster connections and create networks of care for themselves and each other  
  • Demonstrates dedication to workplace health, safety and wellness and contributes to tangible improvements in workplace environments, employee wellness, safe work procedures and practices, and accident prevention and reduction

Enhancing the UBC Experience

The Enhancing the UBC Experience Award celebrates an individual who consistently provides exemplary service to those they support, and regularly goes beyond the expectations of their role in service to others.

Criteria for Consideration:   

  • Seeks the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the services they provide  
  • Maintains a consistently high quality of service for the clients they serve, whether students, staff, faculty, alumni or guests  
  • Anticipates clients’ needs and potential problems and proactively resolves issues as they arise 
  • Develops and/or improves processes and procedures through creativity and innovation, resulting in positive impacts in service delivery 
  • Demonstrates a professional, respectful and positive manner to colleagues and clients at all times, and consistently gives their best at work

Exceptional Colleague Award

The Exceptional Colleague Award celebrates an individual whose dedication, kindness, compassion and respect for others makes the workplace significantly better for their colleagues. They are someone you hope never leaves UBC because they are so wonderful to work with. 

Criteria for Consideration:

  • Recognizes the contributions of others and regularly shows appreciation towards colleagues for their efforts   
  • Develops and cultivates genuine and close relationships in the workplace based on mutual trust, respect and thoughtfulness
  • Builds camaraderie through their positive energy, kindness, generosity and demeanor, regardless of the circumstances
  • Excel during collaboration opportunities, and always make a meaningful contribution
  • Consistently motivates and supports their teammates. Leads by example, and contributes to a positive work environment, inspiring others to reach their full potential and fostering a culture of mutual support

Student Employee of the Year Award (SEOTY)

The SEOTY celebrates a current student employee in the VPS Portfolio who has an impeccable record of workplace excellence and contributions. They have gone above and beyond expectations, have demonstrated initiative, and have positively impacted their unit and the university community.

Criteria for Consideration:

  • Highly dependable, and completes projects and assignments successfully in a timely manner
  • Excels in their work over and above their job description, and consistently produces work of a high quality
  • Maintains a consistently high quality of service to their clients (students, staff, faculty, etc.) and have embraced UBC’s values of excellence, integrity, respect, academic freedom, and accountability
  • Approaches projects in a creative way, and provides original or innovative contributions to the workplace
  • Exhibits leadership qualities that empower their team members, helping to create an atmosphere of trust and respect

Staff eligibility requirements

The awards are open to any VPS Portfolio full-time or part-time employee on our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses with at least one year of service in the VPS/AVPS Portfolio.

Current VPS Portfolio student staff on our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses may only be nominated for the Student Employee of the Year Award. They are not required to have worked a certain amount of time to be eligible.

How to nominate a colleague

All VPS staff are invited to nominate a colleague online by 11:59pm on Friday, January 26th, 2024.

You’ll be asked to provide a 400- to 600-word description specifying how the individual fulfills the award criteria, including:

  • Nominee’s contributions to the award category
  • What made their contribution(s) exceptional
  • Who their contributions helped
  • Results of their efforts
  • Specific examples and details

Awards process timeline

DecemberAward nominations opens.
JanuaryAward nominations close at 11:59pm on Friday, January 26th.
FebruaryAwards Committee reviews nominations and selects award recipients.
AprilSuccessful recipients of the awards will be notified.
AprilAwards event to honour award recipients and nominees.

Awards Committee Membership

The committee is chaired by the Executive Director, VPSO and the Director of HR, VPSO, and includes the Associate Director, Organizational Development and Learning, VPSO. The VPS Portfolio Employee Awards Committee is made up of representation from across the VPS portfolio,

If you have questions

Please contact for more information about the awards.